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Congress Removes Laws

Congress Wants to Remove Autonomous Vehicle Barriers

Congress Eye’s New Law Looking to Remove Autonomous Vehicle Barriers The U.S. Congress is considering changing the policy on how vehicle testing is handled. These...
Semi Side Guards

Semi-Trailer Guards Save Lives, Study Shows

Semi-Trailer Guards Save Lives, Study Shows The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has concluded that strong side guards mounted on the rear of tractors, will...
New York Autonomous Testing

New York Accepting Applications for Autonomous Testing

New York Accepting Applications for Autonomous Testing The state of New York has officially begun accepting applicants for autonomous testing. This process, allows testing of self-driving vehicles...
Gasoline Prices Increase

Gasoline Prices Continue to Increase Across America

Gasoline Continues to Increase Across America The National price for Unleaded normal gasoline rose by one cent this month. That puts gas 13 cents more...
Exemptions Are Hurting Drivers

Are FMCSA Inspection Exemptions Hurting the Industry?

Are Exemptions Eliminating Regulations? The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, believes that inspection exemptions are hurting drivers by not providing a uniformed experience for every driver....
Drivers Report Retaliation

Truck Drivers Complain About Work Retaliation

 Drivers Complain About Work Retaliation Some truck drivers have asked the NLRB to look into cases involving workplace retaliation. They believe employers have purposefully delayed loading/unloading...
Heavier Trucks Cause Lethal Crashes

The Last Thing We Need, Heavier Trucks

Heavier Trucks Cause Harmful Crashes On August 8th 2008, Debra Cruz was behind the wheel in a very serious commercial trucking wreck. Crediting her survival...
Flatbed Rate Is Increasing

Rate Increased For Flatbeds, Fall For Reefer

Heavy Duty Truck Rate Varies The flatbed market continued to be the brightest of the three major spot truckload sectors last week, according to new...
Tow Guard Protects From Road Debris

Tow Guard For Trailer Protects From Debris

Tow Guard Protects Trailers When towing a trailer, why not protect it from debris? The Luverne Textured Rubber Tow Guard is a mud flap that...
House Members

House Members Look To Eliminate Regulations

GOP House Members Ask Trump For a Favor Conservative House Members have sent President Elect Donald Trump a list of 232 regulations they would like...

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