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Embark launches Autonomous Truck

Embark launches Autonomous Fridge Delivery Testing

Embark launches Autonomous trials, Testing Fridge Delivery As autonomous trucking ascends to the front of every commercial development teams research list, Embark Technology has just announced...
eBay Tire Installation

eBay Motors Offers Tire installation

eBay Motors Offers Tire installation eBay has announced, that if you purchase tires from their website, you can get them installed for free. eBay has...
Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Detected with New Technology

New Technology Detects Distracted Driving Engineers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada have developed a complex system of AI and cameras, that can...
EPA Review

Trumps EPA Expands Obama’s Mileage Rules

Trump Reopens Obama EPA Federal Review President Trump's EPA has reopened a review of fuel economy rules from 2022-2025 model years, created under the Obama...
Marijuana Troubles Truckers

Trucking Faces Legal Marijuana Dilemma

Recreational Marijuana Troubles Trucking With the influx of states legalizing marijuana, the results are having a negative effect on trucking. Recreational marijuana has been available...
North Carolina Driver Banned

North Carolina Driver Shut Down Permanently

North Carolina Driver Shut Down Permanently A driver from North Carolina has been shut down by the Federal Government after a hit and run, while...
Freightliners Recalled

Freightliners and Western Star Trucks Recalled

Freightliners and Western Star Trucks Recalled Daimler Trucks North America has recalled 698 freightliners due to faulty axles. They believe that the axle assembly output shaft...
State of Emergency


NEW YORK DECLARES STATE OF EMERGENCY Days after a subway car derailed in Harlem, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared a State of Emergency for the...
Texas Bans Texting

Texas Texting Ban In Effect Starting September

Texas Bans Texting and Driving Texas is rolling out a law fining drivers who text while operating a motor vehicle. Texas is the 47th state...
New Laws Protect Service Workers

New Laws Added to Protect Service Workers

Workers Protected Under New Laws Iowa and Colorado have signed into law "Move Over" Laws that better protect service workers. The law requires drivers to...

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