Embark launches Autonomous Fridge Delivery Testing

Embark launches Autonomous Truck

Embark launches Autonomous trials, Testing Fridge Delivery

As autonomous trucking ascends to the front of every commercial development teams research list, Embark Technology has just announced that their foot is in the door. The Self-driving startup company announced an automated delivery up to 650 miles away, The longest of any autonomous trip to date. A year ago, Uber’s self-driving vehicle made a Budweiser delivery, but it was only a short 120 mile drive. Embark worked hard to comply with Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California’s laws regarding automation, as to not break any laws on their trial. Per state rules, a driver was required to be in the cabin at all times to monitor any extraneous road problems, or safety hazards. For nearly a 300 mile stretch, the vehicle navigated without any help from the passenger.

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