Trucking Industry Ready to Bust Wide Open

Trucking Bust Wide Open

Trucking Industry Ready to Bust Wide Open

Chief Executive Mary Barra (General Motors) believes that the automotive industry is about to bust wide open. Trucking will see more change in the next 5 years, than in the last 50. Within the last 15 years, major changes have hit the trucking and transportation industry, such as:

Ride Sharing. Strangers can safely, and affordably, ride share to get to destinations. Uber Technologies operates in over 600 cities worldwide, and has an estimated worth of $70 billion.

In 2001 GPS could pin point your location to within 100 meters. Now? GPS accurately accounts for your position within a few meters.

Recently, Volkswagen have started using smart glasses, and augmented reality to increase assembly line workers productivity, and efficiency.

The trucking industry is moving forward at a rapid pace, and ideas that seem like pipe dreams, are slowly turning into realities.


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