Trucking Faces Legal Marijuana Dilemma

Marijuana Troubles Truckers

Recreational Marijuana Troubles Trucking

With the influx of states legalizing marijuana, the results are having a negative effect on trucking. Recreational marijuana has been available in Colorado since 2014, and more applicants are testing positive for the substance. Greg Fulton, President of the Colorado Motor Carriers Assn. stated that drug test failure rates have reached as high as 60% as of recent. The failure rates have been stunting the growth of many carriers. CDL schools have issued warnings to drivers not even to apply if they are going to test positive for the substance. Now that the substance is legalized for recreational purposes in 7 states (and D.C.) as well as for medicinal purposes in 29 states, trucking agencies need to create a new plan of tolerance in order to retain drivers, and eliminate the impending shortage.

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