Congress Wants to Remove Autonomous Vehicle Barriers

Congress Removes Laws

Congress Eye’s New Law Looking to Remove Autonomous Vehicle Barriers

The U.S. Congress is considering changing the policy on how vehicle testing is handled. These drafts come after intense lobbying from Auto and Tech industries looking to implement new, self-driving cars.  Republican Legislators are working on a 14-bill package that makes the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) the lead agency in regulating autonomous vehicles, and technologies. If this bill is passed, it would effectively strip away the states’ rights on monitoring what can and can’t happen in their boundaries. While states may not be able to prohibit technology, they will most likely restructure insurance policies that prohibit these vehicles from driving on the road, or making it so expensive that it isn’t cost effective. One of the bills in the package exempts 100,000 vehicles annually from Federal Motor Safety Rules prohibiting vehicles without pedals, or a steering wheel.

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