FMCSA Proposes Two Rules to Eliminate Driver Shortage

Driver Shortage

FMCSA Proposes Two Amendments to Eliminate Driver Shortage

The FMCSA has announced 2 new rules that look to stop the growing driver shortage going on right now. The first rule allows states to waive the CDL knowledge test for Veterans and Active Duty Service Members that were employed last year. Veterans transitioning from the military to civilian life look to fill tens of thousands of open positions in the coming years. The structure and experience they have learned from the military, is appealing for the waste sector. The second rule, will let states issue CDL learner permits with 1 year expirations, as opposed to 6 months. The extra 6 months looks to reduce paperwork new drivers must handle, and reduce the testing fees for new drivers. FMCSA Deputy Administrator Daphne Jefferson believes that these changes will go hand in hand eliminating unnecessary burdens, and increasing the number of drivers in the field.

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