Fleet Managers Salaries Increased, So Did Their Workload

Fleet Manager Salary Increased

Fleet Managers Salaries Increased, So did their Workload

Fleet Manager salaries continue to rise, per Automotive Fleets Fleet Salary Survey. In 2017, 74% of fleet managers reporting in the survey stated that their salary was between $40,000 and $100,000. a 7-point bump from 67% in 2016’s survey.  74% of fleet managers reported a pay raise, a number equal to last year. Only 3% of managers reported said they had a pay cut, a very low number.  What is troubling, is the number of managers who are seeing their wage start to stagnate. 25% of managers reported no change in salary, up 6% from the last report. While 74% of managers were between $40k-$100k in earnings, only 24% earned between $80k-100k.  One of the largest reports in increased work, is managers running more work with less trucks or workers. Per reports, many managers reported that their vehicles were outdated, and needed major upgrades such as on-board navigation. An anonymous Manager said, “There are many large telematics companies and the most difficult part is matching the GPS systems with the customer/buyer’s needs. Some companies focus on safety, some operations, some vehicle maintenance. It is not one size fits all.”

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