Zubie Integrates Repair Shop Into App

Zubie Tracking

Zubie Adds Repair Locator Into App

Zubie has announced the Integration of RepairPal into their App. RepairPal will give drivers insight to vehicular problems, and the cost associated. RepairPal will also display repair garages that they deem “RepairPal Certified” as good shops to go to. As of right now, RepairPal has over 2,000 trusted shops listed across the United States. Art Shaw, CEO of RepairPal, believes that this addition will be extremely helpful to all drivers. Being able to accurately diagnose the vehicle, and give an estimated cost will save the drivers time and money.

Zubie is a device that plugs into a vehicles On Board Diagnostic Port. By syncing the device and cellphone App, the device will effectively turn any car into a smart car. The device is excellent for businesses looking to monitor the health of their vehicles, or even parents concerned about a young drivers safety.

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