New Laws Added to Protect Service Workers

New Laws Protect Service Workers

Workers Protected Under New Laws

Iowa and Colorado have signed into law “Move Over” Laws that better protect service workers. The law requires drivers to change lanes away from the stationary vehicle, for the safety of the workers. Iowa has broadened their law by adding private and public electric companies as well as all utility services: cable, electric, natural gas, telephone, telecommunication, water, wastewater treatment services, as well as solid waste and recycling per the Des Moines Register. This expansion is set to be effective starting July 1. Colorado has named their law the “Move Over for Cody” Law named after State Trooper Cody Donahue, who was killed while inspecting a vehicle. The law states that all drivers need to yield to all service vehicles, or they will receive a class 1 misdemeanor if bodily harm is caused, or a class 6 felony if someone is killed.

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