Drowsy Driving Is a New Target for 4 Chosen States

Drowsy Driving Campaign

Four States Battle Drowsy Driving

The Governers Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF) awarded 4 states with $15,000 grants to help combat drowsy driving. 12 States applied for the grants, but Tennessee, Iowa, Maryland and Nevada were selected for their proposed fund outline. Suggestions included outreach to high-risk drivers, law enforcement training, and social media campaigns. Read More:


4. Iowa

Iowa plans to use its Zero Fatalities Program to put drowsy driving in the same category as drunk, or drugged driving. They will also provide advertisements in strategic, state-owned rest stops encouraging drivers to stop and rest.

3. Maryland

Maryland is looking to target medical shift workers with their allotted grant money. They will create a presentation in Power Point explaining the risks, as well as an online course offering credit for completion.

2. Tennessee

Tennessee will target two groups most likely to drive while drowsy, teens and truckers. By partnering with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Tennessee, they look to educated students and create a plan of attack to prevent drowsy driving. Excellent truck drivers will also share messages across the state about driving while tired.

1. Nevada

Nevada looks to train law enforcement to better recognize when a driver is dozing off behind the wheel. Left over funds will be used to better educate the public, as well as creating social media campaigns.