Drug Usage Among Workers Highest in 12 Years

Workers Are Failing Drug Tests

Drug Usage Among Workers Highest in 12 Years

Positive drug test results have reached their highest point in 12 years. Quest Diagnostics who specialize in Medical Diagnostic Services, analyzed over 10 million workplace substance abuse test results. The results, are shocking.

In 2016, the combined fail rate for a urine test, was 4.2%. A slight gain from 2015 (5%) but, it marks the highest rate since 2004 (4.5%). This is the 4th straight year of an increase in failed tests in the general workforce, and the 2nd straight year in the Federally Mandated Safety Sensitive Workplace. From 2015 to 2016, cocaine use jumped nearly 12% in the regular workplace, and 7% in the Federal system. Barry Sample notes the remarkable nature of these tests indicate that all use increased, in all different testing environments. Employers looking to maintain a safe and drug free workplace may want to get their employees tested, just to be sure.

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