Hyundai Unveils New Subcompact Car for Summer

Hyundai Announces New Car

Hyundai Announces Kona, Releases This Summer

Hyundai has announced a new line of vehicles to fit in the smaller “B Class” SUV market. The “Kona” will compete with the likes of the Toyota C-HR, Ford EcoSport, the Buick Encore, and the Nissan Rogue Sport. The Kona does not have a model year designation, but Hyundai believes the car will be a hit. Not much is known about the vehicle, but it will feature a cascading grille, LED daytime lights, and LED headlights. Hyundai has announced that more details will be available this summer. The Kona, named after an island in Hawaii, continues the tradition of naming new SUVs after travel destinations.

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