Independent Truckers Drove Further, But Were Paid Less

Independent Drivers Drove More

Why Were Independent Truckers Paid Less?

Independent truck drivers drove more miles in 2016 than the year before, but were getting paid less. These findings are from a study of 20,000 drivers by the American Truck Business Service. Drivers who owned their own rigs saw their earnings drop 4.6% from $63,375 in 2015, to $60,577 in 2016. The average income for drivers using leased vehicles were also down. Drivers earned 2.5% less in 2016 over 2015. With satellite technology and ELD’s, tracking exactly where the vehicle is and when it is in motion is as accurate as ever. Some drivers think that this was just a growing pain felt from the transition to electronic, while some fear this is the beginning of another recession.

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