The Last Thing We Need, Heavier Trucks

Heavier Trucks Cause Lethal Crashes

Heavier Trucks Cause Harmful Crashes

On August 8th 2008, Debra Cruz was behind the wheel in a very serious commercial trucking wreck. Crediting her survival to Automatic Emergency Brakes, she believes those truly saved her life. Since that accident, she has made it her duty to advocate against creating heavier trucks with longer bodies. Lawmakers are convinced that larger trucks mean more space, and less vehicles but that is simply not the case. Every size and length increase in the past, has followed with an increase of trucks on the road. With 20% increased fatalities, the increase in weight combined with an influx of new vehicles puts our drivers at risk. In addition to these risks, infrastructure will take a blow as well. The roads and bridges we navigate on are already old and warn, and will not be able to handle these increased weights. Something needs to happen, and the solution might just be “less is more”.

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