Forcing Regulations Won’t Eliminate Competition

Forcing Regulations

Forcing Regulations, Not Really

The FMCSA Forcing Regulations, won’t ruin the trucking industry’s competition. One rule that will hit the market later this year, is the Electronic Log Mandate. Companies not using ELD’s Will have until December to add them to their fleet. Companies that used another type of electronic device, will have two years. While Some may feel this is a burden, in the long run it will be fine. The FMCSA estimates that we will save over $1 billion dollars in paper and errors by switching to electronic. Another argument, is the cost of these additions will put small fleets out of business and shrink the already depleted industry. This, will simply not happen either. Companies that look to attract contracts and drivers, need to be the best. This mandate will level the playing field, if anything, giving smaller transportation companies a fair shot at attracting top level talent.

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