Azuga Asset Tracker Keeps Track in Real Time

Azuga Asset Monitoring

Azuga Tracker Monitors Assets in Two Ways

Azuga has just launched a real time asset tracker. This tracker looks to reduce risks, lower operation costs, while enhancing operation. This product looks to combine with an existing cloud-based software, that monitors and stores all of the asset tracking information online and on the go. Azuga currently offers the Long Life Asset Tracker and the Rechargeable Asset Tracker. The long-life asset-tracking device is perfect for long deployments on non-powered assets, such as containers, tanks, and portable restrooms. The Rechargeable tracker is better suited for powered assets that may be sitting idle or off for extended periods of time, such as  powered signs, and portable lights. Combining asset tracking with a fleet monitoring solution adds a layer of reporting and control to fleet and field operations, particularly for businesses where vehicle fleets and assets are essential in operations, according to the company.

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