The Latest Battle in the Pickup Truck War

Truck Prices Slashed in Battle for Best Deal

Used Truck Prices Slashed Across the Board

Brand new Pickup trucks are just too expensive. That is why GM, Ford, Dodge have slashed their used prices considerable. If there ever was a time to buy a truck, the time is now. Last year, Ford cut prices on models by up to $10,000 after they released their new aluminum body option. Ram also slashed their prices, by dropping used prices down by 20%. This bump in savings was the best deal so far, yielding a second place finish for the month. This bumped off the Silverado for the first time since 2010. Ford’s F series still led, as they have for 40 years, but sales were down 2.6%. Right now the demand for used trucks exceeds the stock currently available.

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