Truckers Getting Largest Pay Raise in US

Trucking Rebounds in July

Truckers Account For Largest Pay Raise

In October, truck drivers’ wages grew 7.8%, Marking the largest pay raise in the US.

This is quite a substantial pay increase compared to the wage growth of all jobs (2.8%), according to a survey by, a job-search website.

“We have a booming economy, we’re seven years into the expansion and truck drivers are the front line.” Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist at Glassdoor says.

“Truck drivers haven’t yet been replaced by machines, and they are in very high demand.”

Looking at other comparable positions machine operators earn $36,800, construction workers earn $36,600 and maintenance workers earn $41,179.

While the wage increase is up, so is the growing shortage. In 2013, the shortage was only 30,000 drivers. Now, the current shortage is 50,000 drivers.

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