7 Unique Jobs for People Seeking to Travel, 2016


Are you an adventure-seeker looking to get away and experience the world? Whether you are looking to pad a resume or just change your scenery, here are 7 jobs you probably have NOT heard of.

1 Post Office Elf

Love Christmas? a Post Office Elf might be the job for you! Post Elves sell stamps and souvenirs, as well as opening 500,000 letters next to a cozy fireplace. Elves work during winter (November to March) and summer (June to August). To get the job in Finland, you must be fluent in English, Finnish, as well as many other languages.

2 We All Cook in a Yellow Submarine

Requiring no specific qualifications, an underwater chef might be the perfect job for an adventure seeker. The Royal Navy of the United Kingdom is looking for am upbeat chef who can keep morale high and have a good core well being. Meal time is a cherished time in the Royal Navy, and your stand-up attitude can make the end of a hard day enjoyable. All you need is a positive mindset, and a passion for cooking.

3Lighthouse Keeper

Want to go to Australia? Volunteers work the lighthouse on Deal Island, a usually uninhabited place for up to 6 months. Housing is in the keepers hut, but some positions require your own accommodations. Applications are available all year, for Wildlife positions, but there is a waiting list for the lighthouse gig. Don’t hold your breath for a quick opportunity, the waiting list already exceeds 2018.

4Antarctica Hairstylist

The British Antarctic Survey, are looking to hire Physical Oceanographers to venture into the Antarctic on the RRS James Clark Ross. Not an Oceanographer? No worries! The McMurdo Station is always looking for supporting staff such as chefs and firefighters. Right now a position is available to be  the on base hairstylist!

5Buckingham Palace Housekeeper

This job is not really one for travelers, but is a cool opportunity nonetheless. Live-in Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning, caring for the historical interiors, and looking over house guests. The pay is lackluster ($21,800 per annum) but the royal experience, may be worth it for some.

6Not your Everyday House Cat

Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge located in Arkansas, is a 459 hectare home for abused and abandoned cats. But these cats are not your everyday house cats. These large cats are Tigers, Lions, Black leopards, an other mammals. You and 11 others will live on site, and care for these animals every day. You will take care of the cats, as well as build shelters and inform the public of the mistreatment. Applications for next Spring end November 1st, 2016.

7Extreme Gear Tester

Columbia is looking to hire two “directors of toughness” who can test gear in the most unforgiving parts of Planet Earth, and share their experiences with the world. These brand ambassadors will need to be battle tested warriors to even get the job. Columbia has 4 hard-to-get locations that require applicants to Sweat and scramble in order to secure the position. Beta testers for 9 months receive a salary of $39,000.