Deciding which vehicle to use, may be difficult. But, this checklist should make that decision a little clearer. When deciding between a Cab Chassis vs. a Cutaway Chassis, riding configuration, body options, and costs may decide which type you need.

Vehicle Class

While Commercial vehicles come in a variety of sizes and styles, Class 1-8, the Chassis style may limit the type of work you can do. Cab chassis cover all 8 class, while cutaway chassis only cover classes 2-4.


Does your job require off-road operation? Are you located in a region with heavy snowfall? If a 4×4 vehicle is required, then stick with the cab chassis. But if a 4×2 will get the job done, a cutaway chassis is another viable option.

Cab Configuration

How many crew members do you have? If it is just you and a passenger, a cutaway configuration will offer just enough space for you. Need more space for tools and additional crew members? a Cab configuration offers a regular or extended option to seat you and up to 5 crew members, comfortably.

Cost Consideration

The more money you invest in your truck, the longer it will take to see your return on investment. If you choose to make major body modifications, as well as Cab adjustments, the cutaway option will be significantly cheaper. But frugal spending might yield a poor working experience, and your truck might fail to be competitive in other job settings.


And the winner is: Its a tie!

When it comes to selecting a truck, there is no winner or loser. It is crucial that you select truck that not only get the job done, but excels in the process. If one truck better suits your needs, you should use that style. All in all, when making a serious investment like a vehicle purchase or leasing, mapping out exactly what you need and the price to get it, are crucial.