Heavy Duty Trucking Wins a Neal Award for Driver Shortage Series


Heavy Duty Trucking Wins a Neal Award

Heavy Duty Trucking magazine received a 2016 Jesse H. Neal Business Journalism Award for the 10-part Driver Dilemma series, covering the driver shortage.

Written by HDT Editor in Chief Deborah Lockridge, Executive Editor David Cullen, and Equipment Editor Jim Park, the ambitious Driver Dilemma series of articles involved dozens of interviews with fleets, drivers and experts on the driver shortage.

The series examined how fleets could not only find drivers, but keep them engaged, satisfied, safe, compliant, and healthy.

HDT sister publication Auto Rental News also received a Neal Award this year. The award was for Executive Editor Chris Brown’s article The Problem With Renting Fast Cars, exposing the world of exotic car rentals.

HDT’s editors are named as finalists in four categories this year. Including Best Technical Content for the two-part series Cheating the Wind. As well as, Best Use of Video/Webcast for the Ultimate Test Drive video series, and Best Media Brand.

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