New FMCSA Administrator, T.F. Scott Darling III

New head of FMCSA
Subcommittee on Surface Transportation and Merchant Marine Infrastructure, Safety and Security Hearings to examine surface transportation reauthorization, focusing on oversight and reform of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

New FMCSA Administrator

On July 14, a unanimous voice vote by the U.S Senate, confirmed Scott Darling as the new Head of the FMCSA. Darling had been operating on an interim basis since the departure of Anne Ferro, in August 2014. Prior to his position on the FMCSA Chief Counsel, Darling acted as the Deputy Chief of Staff and Assistant General Counsel for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. Darling was appointed the agency chief council by President Barack Obama in September 2012. Scott Darling has already proposed numerous additions, and amendments including: