Electronic Log Mandate Starting December 2017

Electronic Logging

Electronic Log Mandate

Starting December 2017, all vehicles manufactured from the model year 2000 and on, are going to be required to use an “ELD” or Electronic Logging Device. The switch from paper will save 26 lives per year, and prevent 500+ injuries. Since 1938, Paper logs have been nearly impossible to verify, but ELD’s logs track in real time. These monitor: Vehicle Movement, Engine Hours, Location Information, and Miles Driven. It is estimated that more than 3 million drivers will be making the switch to electronic devices in 2017. Drivers in Mexico and Canada, who travel through the US, will also be required to use ELD’s while on the road. The FMCSA will allow a variety of tracking devices devices, as long as it fits the criteria, and has been approved on their website.